.: Cyclops Wireless Keyboard

The Genos™ Corporation presents CYCLOPS™

Cyclops™ is an ergonomically designed Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse created to work with the Apple Mac Mini, iMac, iPad & iPhone. It provides a full QWERTY keyboard & touch pad pointer control.

The Cyclops™ is meticulously made with Apple quality materials to provide the full function and feel of Apple keyboards. Cyclops™ was specially developed for the users who prefer to type with their thumbs (texting style) and who are looking for an efficient way to type on their Apple device.

The Cyclops™ design is patented and has been awarded The Spark Award. The Spark™ award is a global design competition that was started in 2001. The focus of the competition is recognizing change ‘designed change’. They define ‘designed change’ as change for the better: studied, researched, cognizant of criteria like sustainability, suitability, context, inventiveness, process, universality, and yes, beauty. The Spark recipients represent the world’s most important manufacturers, designers, and architects whose work embodies an emphasis on creative solutions that enrich our lives and environment.

Link to the Spark Awards site: http://www.sparkawards.com/

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